Speaker Registration

Talks at the 3MT competiton will be 3 minutes long with a single static slide (no animations/transitions). There will be no time for questions after each talk.

Graduate students and Post-doctoral Fellows will be placed in separate prize pools. Graduate students compete for a $300 winner prize and a $100 runner-up prize. Post-doctoral Fellows compete for a $100 winner prize.

All speakers must be registered by 5:00 pm on Wednesday November 29th. The slides (one static slide is permitted per speaker) must be emailed to utmags@utoronto.ca by 5:00 pm on December 4th. Please ensure that the files are named as the following: 'Lastname_Firstname_3MT'.

Speakers should arrive at IB140 on December 6th by 2:30 pm.

If you would like examples to see how a 3MT talk may be structured and what the static slide may look like, here are the videos of the Canadian 3MT finalists from 2017 (including our very own Richard Kil): http://www.cags.ca/3mt/index_videos.php.

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