A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions

Gastronomy, Culture, and the Arts: A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions
University of Toronto Mississauga
Department of Language Studies
March 12-13, 2016

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In March 2016, the University of Toronto Mississauga and the Department of Language Studies will host (and be the site for) a two-day, international scholarly exchange titled Gastronomy, Culture, and the Arts: A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions.

The conference is organized by the Department of Language Studies (UTM) with the collaboration of the Department of Italian Studies (U of T) and the Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto. UTM and U of T graduate and undergraduate students and faculty will participate in the conference in several ways: as organizers, presenters, volunteers, and attendees. Their involvement confirms that our conference speaks to the academic interests of established scholars in the field of Food Studies, while also providing an ideal venue for the exchange of research and curiosities of new scholars. What is more, as the conference complements a UTM course, ITA234/235H5H Cucina Italiana: A History of Italy through Food, as outstanding undergraduate papers associated with the latter will be read.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of all of its participants, the conference can run smoothly while supporting the important relationships between Language Studies and several academic departments and institutions as well as various enterprises throughout the GTA. In fact, community-based businesses with strong diaspora connections will be on campus throughout the conference promoting their goods/products through free sampling.

Food historians will join us as keynote speakers as will culinary master and TV personality Chef Massimo Capra (Mistura Restaurant, Sopra Upper Lounge).

At this point, the call for papers has been sent out and the committee has received multidisciplinary and innovative submissions of high academic quality, from several countries. The conference is sure to uphold UTM’s reputation as an academic pillar in Ontario.

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