Abstract Submission and Format

Regular abstract submission is now closed; however, we will continue to accept late-breaking abstracts for posters until July 20.

Abstracts are required for all poster and oral presentations (excepting 2-minute talks).


Please submit the abstract as an attachment to tips2@utoronto.ca

All abstracts will be made available on-line and in the conference programme.

Please indicate a preference for an oral or poster presentation; we will accommodate preferences as space allows. Abstracts are not required for student 2-minute talks, but you still should submit your name, affiliation, and talk title.

Only one oral presentation (other than 2-minute talks) will be accepted for any first author. Students may give a 2-minute talk in addition to another presentation.




Please prepare your abstract using MS Word (.doc or .docx)

Font and Styles:
Times New Roman 12-point font, single space, 2.5 cm margins all around.

Title of Presentation: Bold font
Name(s) and Affiliation(s) of the author(s), presenting author underlined indicated with an asterisk*. Use italics for the address affiliation.

Abstract Body: 250 words maximum excluding title, authors, and affiliation

At the bottom of your submission also indicate: Name and e-mail address of the Presenting author.

Requested mode of Presentation: Oral (closed) or Poster

Indicate whether the presenter is a student (undergraduate, M.Sc. student, or Ph.D. student) and if they wish to be considered for a presentation award.



Triffids: threat or menace?

J. Wyndham*1,2, H.G. Wells2, and A.C. Clarke1,3
1Department of Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga, Mississauga, ON, Canada
2Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
2Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough, Scarborough, ON, Canada

The text of your abstract goes here and must not exceed 250 words. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font and use 2.5 cm margins all around. Use bold characters for your abstract title, regular font for the names of the authors, and italics for the address affiliations and species names. Follow the instructions above to complete your abstract and provide the name and e-mail address of the presenting author below your abstract. Please indicate if this author is a student, and if this author would like to be eligible for an award. Finally, indicate whether you would like to give an oral or poster presentation.

Presenting author: John Wyndham j.wyndham@utoronto.ca

Student: Yes - please consider this presentation for a student award

Preference: Oral presentation




Each person whose abstract is accepted for an oral or a poster presentation MUST register and pay the applicable registration fee.

The organizing committee will do its best to accommodate your preferences and will inform participants if their abstract has been selected for an oral or poster presentation by 15 July 2014. We will attempt to accommodate all 2-minute talks.

Two $250 cash prizes will be awarded for best student presentations, one for best oral presentation and one for best poster presentation. Eligible presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will be looking for a well-organized and informative presentation and the ability to answer questions confidently.