Optional Field Trips


Carden Plain Alvar (August 6) This trip is now full!

Alvars are largely treeless limestone plains supporting a unique community of plants and animals, including numerous rare and disjunct species; they also face serious management challenges, including invasions by non-natives. We will spend a day visiting this unique site, near Lake Simcoe, leaving after breakfast and returning in the late afternoon; click here for more information. We also hope to view effects of an insect biocontrol agent recently released to combat dog-strangling vine. Space is limited; minimum of 25 people required. Fee includes all expenses including comfortable coach transportation, lunch. Approximate time: 9 hours. Projected departure: 8 AM from the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.


Additional lunchtime trip:

Credit River Valley (August 8 )

This will be a lunchtime walk from the University campus into the adjacent greenbelt. This extensive area supports numerous native forest and wetland species, including rarities, as well as a variety of problematic invaders. Cost: free! Registration not required.