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The Italian Studies Department at UTM has a long history of including theatre productions as a capstone of the Italian department. In 1992, the theatre group took on the name of Maschere Duemondi, that is “two-world players,” a name indicative of the dualities that were being joined: Canadian and Italian, University and community, entertainment and learning. 

For over thirty years, Maschere Duemondi has staged plays inspired by the works of Pirandello, the De Filippo brothers, Machiavelli, D’Orta and Wertmüller, and others. This year, we are thrilled to announce this year’s performance: Le vedove scaltre, an adaptation of the 1748 opera by Carlo Goldoni entitled, La vedova scaltra, that will be performed by students of Italian Studies, at UTM. 

Le vedove scaltre chronicles love, romance, comedy and three young widows from different countries who arrive in Venice to compete for the heart of a young and well-known Italian widower, Signor Florindo. The story begins with Florindo struggling to choose between three women and their eccentric, extravagant, imaginative, and passionate personalities. He disguises himself to better understand who his one true love could be. In the end, the women realize through their experiences that this is not the typical love story, and that there is more to life for women than vying for the attention of a devious man. 

As the COVID-19 situation currently restricts audiences from attending the event in-person on campus, our pre-recorded performance will be available to you in early Spring 2022. The play is recommended for ages 12+. It will be performed in Italian, with English subtitles, and has a duration of approximately 2 hours.

Access to our pre-recorded performance starts at $10. Please see our program here

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